The CPS Department of Arts Education defines arts integration as an educational approach in which an artistic discipline (or disciplines) and another academic subject (or subjects) are combined to teach and learn content knowledge and skills.

As a department, we are committed to providing quality arts integration resources for educators across all arts disciplines and other core subjects, in order to help them understand and implement effective integration practices both as individuals and in collaboration across classrooms.

If you have questions about arts-integrated instruction or about any of the documents below, please contact or (773) 553-2170.

Arts Integration Overview Documents

Arts Integration Overview
Our definition of arts integration, proven benefits, and supporting research.

Moving Toward Authentic Arts Integration 
A chart illustrating the progression toward authentic arts integration from both an arts and a non-arts instructional perspective.

Schoolwide Conditions for Quality Arts Integration
Five categories for coordinated efforts by administrators, teachers, students, community members, partners, and families to ensure that arts integration flourishes in a school.

Arts Integration Lesson and Unit Planning Tools

Arts Integration “Wish List”
A document for arts educators to distribute to colleagues to determine who is interested in collaborating on arts-integrated lessons, units, and/or events.

Arts Integrated Unit Options
A worksheet for collaborating educators to reflect on the pros, cons, and logistics of three types of arts-integrated units.

Arts Integrated Unit Planner
A comprehensive planning document for collaborating educators to plan an integrated unit.

Arts Integrated Unit Reflection
Collaborating educators can use this document to reflect on the success of an integrated unit and the collaboration itself.

Standards Crosswalks

Comparisons of the eleven anchor standards of the Illinois Arts Learning Standards and the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Math, highlighting any similarities in the types of habits, skills, and abilities that are described in each. These crosswalks may be useful to teachers who are co-planning integrated units.

Illinois Arts Learning Standards and Common Core-ELA Crosswalk

Illinois Arts Learning Standards and Common Core-Math Crosswalk