The Creative Schools Fund is a partnership between the Mayor’s Office, Chicago Public Schools, and Ingenuity to invest public and private resources directly into teacher-designed and led arts education programming. 

Creative Schools Fund Information for SY2020-21

Ingenuity and the CPS Department of Arts Education have made adaptations to the Creative Schools Fund grants to support schools through the 2020-2021 school year. Preparing for changes in the health and safety landscape, responding to priorities set by the district, and adapting to emerging needs and assets as expressed by a community of arts education constituents, the Creative Schools Fund competitive grants (up to $10,000 per grant) will focus on three primary objectives:

  • Community Building through the Arts: Leverage arts to connect, celebrate, and reunite school communities. 
  • Deepening Arts Quality: Build artist practice among teachers and/or students.
  • Justice Through the Arts: Support student-driven projects that use art as a medium to advance anti-racism and racial justice. 
Grant Eligibility

To apply for a Creative Schools Fund grant, CPS schools must:

Partners applying in conjunction with CPS schools for CSF grants must:

Applying for CSF Grants

In SY2020-21, the Creative Schools Fund grants will be open for applications on a rolling basis from late September through February 5, 2021. 

Read more information about applying for a 2020-21 CSF grant here.

Questions, concerns, or feedback regarding the Creative Schools Fund grant should be directed to and/or