Our districtwide arts programs, open to all CPS students in grades 3–12, provide greater equity and access to arts programming and celebrate students’ astonishing creativity, innovation, and talent.

All-City Arts Programs 

A long-standing, vibrant tradition within CPS, All-City Programs showcase and honor student learning in music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. These programs include:

All-City Performing Arts

Students in grades 3-12 from all regions participate on Saturdays in music, dance, or theatre ensembles that go on to perform in Fall and Spring showcases.

All-City Visual Arts

Exhibitions at the PreK–8 and high school levels showcasing the artwork of CPS students across the district.

The Advanced Arts Program

This off-campus program, open to juniors and seniors at CPS high schools, provides intense project-based learning experiences in music, dance, theatre, and visual, media, and culinary arts. Students are taught downtown at Gallery 37 (transportation is paid for by the program) and receive up to two years of credit-bearing advanced placement and honors courses in the arts, as well as college and career planning assistance.

Visit advancedarts.cps.edu for more information and to apply for the program.

Music Festivals

For over 90 years, CPS Music Festivals have provided student and teacher learning opportunities that extend and enrich music education offered in schools throughout the city. The Festivals are adjudicated events where student ensembles receive adjudicated feedback, clinics, and awards for their work.