The environment for arts education in Chicago has improved significantly over the past five years. School leaders, arts instructors, arts partner organizations, and local funders have worked together to sustain and build upon these improvements. As the state of Illinois, Chicago, and CPS face complex challenges, continued investment, attention, and arts education advocacy will remain essential to equitably providing high- quality arts education to Chicago’s students.

Ingenuity and the CPS Department of Arts Education are committed to preparing leaders at all levels of influence for these challenges, from students, teachers, and principals to teaching artists, arts partner organizations, and the arts sector at large.

To help fuel our commitment, Ingenuity and the CPS Department of Arts Education are thrilled to o er an expanded 2017–2018 program catalog outlining relevant professional development for all stakeholders in Chicago’s arts education ecosystem. The professional development will increase the sector’s capacity for improving student learning in and through the arts and develop strategies to address the challenges to arts education in the city and the district.

This professional learning catalog is our collective guide to all available tools, resources, and learning opportunities to help ensure the following:

  • Growth as individuals, organizations, schools, and systems
  • Collaboration and peer learning
  • Increased capacity to achieve the goals of the CPS Arts Education Plan and improve quality arts experiences for students
  • Alignment of Chicago’s arts education professional development opportunities


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