External Partners/Vendors

Partnerships supplement existing art forms both within the school day and during out of school time and may take the form of Artist Residencies, Performances and Assemblies, Field Trips, and/or Exhibitions and Productions. Partnerships are not able to replace the kind of regular, sequential instruction that certified staff are able to provide. Your school’s Arts Liaison is critical for connecting with and coordinating these partnerships. For a searchable list of partners, visit: http://www.artlookmap.org. Our goal as a district is at least 1 Arts Partnership per school.

Please note the vendors who have been approved as qualified to enhance in-school arts education through residencies, assemblies/performances, field trips, productions/exhibitions, professional development workshops, and/or coaching/mentoring. All services require completion of a Task Order Form emailed to cpsarts@cps.edu for Board Signature. For more information, please contact Vendors directly or the CPS Department of Arts Education at cpsarts@cps.edu.

Creative Compass

The Creative Compass Program provides extra supports and resources to emerging administrators. This voluntary arts leadership development program helps assistant principals expand their leadership skills and arts experience, while scaffolding their professional learning on how to make healthy arts choices that impact achievement for their schools and to move up the Creative Schools Certification ladder.

Click HERE to download 2016 Manual

Chicago Guide for Teaching and Learning

Are you familiar with and incorporating the Chicago Guide for Teaching and Learning in the Arts into your educational programming? The school district’s scope-and-sequence in the visual and performing arts serves as a road map to connect curriculum, instruction and assessment in dance, music, drama/theatre, and visual art from pre-kindergarten to senior year of high school. The Guide is conceived as a multi-functional document: a planning tool for lessons and units in arts instruction and arts integration, a resource guide for teachers to access when looking to enhance their curriculum, and a platform from which to have a common dialogue about what essential learning is happening in arts classrooms and environments throughout the city.

The Guide is of value to Chiefs of Schools and to principals to help build strategic arts programs that provide students the opportunity to excel in expressive arts experiences, that support student achievement in literacy and mathematics programs, and that make their schools become schools of choice and attractive to families.

Arts Implementation Strategies for REACH

Download Arts Implementation Strategies for REACH.

Arts Teachers Hiring Guide

Download the Hiring Guide pdf.

Arts Addendum to the Framework for Teaching

In September of 2013, the CPS Department of Arts Education, with over 40 arts teachers, created the Arts Addendum to the CPS Framework for Teaching. The purpose of the addendum is to share how important and unique aspects of Arts teaching practice align with the CPS Framework for Teaching. School Administrators and Arts educators should review the document prior to and during the REACH Students pre-observation conference, observation, and post-observation conference for more information about Arts practice.

In addition to highlighting the unique characteristics of arts teaching practice, the Addendum also provides descriptions of domain components, example artifacts to build a common language to develop a deeper understanding of arts practice in action. Download the CPS Arts Addendum to the Framework for Teaching!.

Leveraging your Arts Liaison, ILT and LSC

Your Arts Liaison, Instructional Leadership Team and Local School Council can provide support in curriculum, instruction, assessment, programming, partnerships, funding and other resources, and strategic planning for the arts. Download suggestions on ways to connect to these important arts-supports.

CIWP Arts Education Guidance

A first step in ensuring high-quality arts programming at your school, both during the school day and during out of school time, is to include the arts in your school’s Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP). This document serves as a guide to aid schools in developing priorities and milestones in the arts that focus on areas of greatest impact: instruction, professional development, and school culture. Download the CIWP Arts Education Guidance planning tool here.

Guiding Data and Information

Arts at the Core
Chicago Data Project
VIVA Project
Teaching Artist Research Project
Presidents Committee on the Arts and Humanities Report
Ingenuity Incorporated
AEP Site