The Creative Schools Initiative is an ambitious effort to help every CPS student receive a well-rounded education that includes the arts. The Creative Schools Initiative places an Arts Liaison in every school, uses data and information to plan more effectively, and expands the pool of financial resources to help schools bring the arts to more students throughout their school years.

The Initiative’s four leading components address needs identified during the development of the CPS Arts Education Plan.

Arts Liaisons

Arts Liaisons serve as on-site arts leaders and champions in their school communities. In every CPS school, the Liaison:

  • serves as the primary point of communication between their school, the CPS Department of Arts Education, Ingenuity, and community arts partners
  • works to ensure that students, educators, and administrators have access to vital arts-related information across all disciplines (visual art, music, theatre, dance, media arts)
  • acts as an advocate by seeking actionable ways to expand and improve arts education and programming in their school and in the broader community

Arts Liaisons must be (re)nominated every school year by their administrator. 

Learn more about the Arts Liaison role.

Creative Schools Data

Arts Liaisons are also responsible for completing the Creative Schools Survey for their school every year. The Survey asks for detailed information on arts instruction in every school, including staffing, minutes of instruction, disciplines taught, and partnerships. Designed and managed by Ingenuity, the Survey results are used to identify each school’s Creative Schools Category (see below) and provides a clear picture of the distribution and availability of arts education throughout the district. 

Completion of the survey also makes the school automatically eligible to receive Arts Essentials funding ($1,000 annually to be applied toward arts supplies and resources) and also eligible to apply for larger Creative Schools Fund grants (see below).

The Creative Schools Certification

The Creative Schools Certification (CSC) identifies the level of arts instruction in each school in five categories from Emerging to Excelling. It creates a clear picture for principals, teachers, and families about arts instruction in their school and serves as a roadmap for expanding the quality of, and access to, arts education. The Certification appears on school progress report cards along with other indicators of academic performance. The five CSC categories are described in detail in the graphic below:

The documents below provide an overview of the process by which Categories for High School and Elementary Schools are determined.

Creative Schools Certification – Scoring Rubric

The Creative Schools Fund

The Creative Schools Fund (CSF) is a grant-making partnership between Ingenuity and the Department of Arts Education to support the expansion of arts education in schools. The Fund provides grants directly to schools based on needs identified through the Creative Schools Certification, and is meant to support a school’s progress along the Creative Schools Certification continuum.

Learn more about the Creative Schools Fund.

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