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The Creative Schools Certification (CSC)  is the first-ever arts-focused public-facing accountability measure that will be included on the Chicago Public Schools 2013-2014 school scorecard. The CSC is aligned to Pillar One of the District’s Action Plan, “High Standards, Rigorous Curriculum, and Powerful Instruction,” and is part of a larger initiative that provides supports ans scaffolding for schools to move up certification categories over time.

The Creative Schools Certification places schools into categories that describe the level to which they meet the goals and priorities outlined in the CPS Arts Education Plan based on school-reported arts data. Arts Liaisons – school-based champions that lead, connect, and inspire robust arts programming in their building – were charged with collecting and reporting on data in the arts in their school. Three major data collection areas are targeted: Staffing & Instruction, Partnerships, Community & Culture, and Budget and Planning. A summative score was calculated for schools based on this data.

This certification provides opportunities for additional resources, supports and funding to  help schools address gaps in arts learning, build more robust arts programs, and accomplish the goal of every CPS child in every CPS school having access to a high-quality arts education. It is a non-punitive certification and the program provides supports to move schools to higher categories.

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Categories and Descriptions are: