CPS’ Arts Education Plan will change the educational landscape for Chicago’s young people. With this plan, a robust arts education will be part of every student’s experience from the day they start school to the day they graduate. The following offers a few example of the way the Arts Education Plan policies and initiatives will influence key stakeholders:


The arts are a critical component of a well-rounded education  and CPS recognizes the role arts education plays in building better schools and teaching environments, and creating more opportunities for student success both in and out of school. The arts serve as a pathway to better student outcomes and the CPS Arts Education Plan supports student success by:

  • Increasing weekly arts instructional time
  • Increasing student exposure to more arts disciplines
  • Providing dedicated art teachers and leadership in schools
  • Ensuring students have the necessary art  supplies and materials
  • Creating more opportunities for art and cultural experiences


Teachers are the cornerstone ofevery student’s educational experience. Teachers are also the gateway for much of the arts learning that students’ experience. The CPS Arts Education Plan supports both arts and non-arts teachers in a variety of ways by:

  • Providing professional development and training focused on the arts
  • Creating professional learning communities
  • Dedicating minutes of weekly instructional time exclusively for the arts
  • Increasing financial resources for supplies and materials
  • Supporting art learning through a school-based Arts Liaison


The CPS’ Arts Education Plan lays the foundation for principals to build, sustain and enhance arts learning for their students.  The Plan sets the standards for arts education and provides principals a road map for increasing quality, access and equity for their communities. To support principals in their quest for increased arts learning, the Plan will support:

  • Offering of more professional development and training focused on the arts
  • Increasing funding assistance
  • Coordinating partnership development
  • Showcasing students artistic talents
  • Prioritizing arts education in school’s Continuous Improvement Work Plans

Arts Partnerships

From world-renowned art museums to community dance and theater groups, Chicago’s cultural riches can enhance student learning in numerous ways. Arts partners play a vital role in the education of Chicago’s young people and augment CPS teachers’ tireless efforts.  The CPS Arts Education Plan supports partner programs by:

  • Creating more demand for their art education programs
  • Identifying more fiscal resources to support school partnerships
  • Streamlining the process for developing school partnerships
  • Assisting in the coordination of partnership growth/expansion
  • Dedicating more supplies and materials  to partner programs


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