Arts Education Plan

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The CPS Arts Education Plan’s guiding principle is that every CPS student will receive ongoing high quality arts education both in and out of the classroom.

Through a comprehensive and sequential study of visual art, music, dance, and theater from Pre K-12th grade, all Chicago Public School students will have the opportunity to develop into innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers who are capable of expressing themselves, understanding others and contributing to their city’s culture and economy for years to come.

CPS has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure that the arts, in all its forms, are part of our children’s everyday experience in the classroom.

With the release of the City’s first Cultural Plan in 25 years, Chicago is reflecting on its cultural legacy and making “no small plans” for the role the arts and culture will play in the future of Chicago and the lives of its citizens.

This plan insures a robust arts education will be part of every student’s experience from the day they start school to the day they graduate.