A chance to learn with and from peers in your arts discipline and grade band

As arts teachers, it can sometimes feel like you are “on an island,” with infrequent chances to connect with peers. That’s why we’ve created our Arts Communities of Practice (CoPs)—to offer you regular opportunities to learn with and from fellow arts teachers in your grade band and discipline. Facilitated by our Arts Instruction Specialists, CoPs meet regularly throughout the school year so that you can share resources and ideas, solve challenges, form common commitments for action and improvement, and offer each other feedback and support.

SY21-22 Arts Communities of Practice

In school year 2021-22, teachers at any CPS school (district-managed, charter, contract, or options) can join the following CoPs at any time throughout the year:

Meeting Cadence: TBD
Facilitators: Elisa Foshay, Gina Spears

ELEMENTARY MUSIC (General Music and Ensembles)
Meeting Cadence: TBD
Facilitators: Frank Cademartori, Jenai Jenkins

HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC (General Music and Ensembles)
Meeting Cadence:
Facilitators: Kelley Gossler, Leo Park

Meeting Cadence: TBD
Facilitators: Alison Connelly, Layne Drinkwater

Meeting Cadence: TBD
Facilitators: Kitty Conde, Peter Mariani, Claire Reynes, Lara Spyer, Sarah Willett

Meeting Cadence: TBD
Facilitators: Annamaria Castellucci Cabral

All CoP meetings will be held virtually via Google Meet. Clock hours will be offered to all participants.

Want to Join a SY21-22 Arts Community of Practice?

No advance registration for CoP meetings is necessary—just show up! Attendance will be marked after each meeting concludes.

For all CoP meeting information, including monthly meeting dates, times, and Google Meet links, please access the CoP calendar linked below and navigate to the page for your CoP’s discipline and grade band.

If you have any questions or concerns about Arts Communities of Practice, please email cpsarts@cps.edu.