We support CPS educators by creating tools and resources to be used in arts instruction, curriculum, and assessment. These resources have been created in collaboration with exemplary arts educators across the district in order to provide the most relevant, practical supports.

Illinois Arts Learning Standards Toolkit

This suite of tools and resources is designed to support CPS teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders as they work to align their curriculum, instruction, and assessment to the updated Standards and provide outstanding, rigorous arts education to students across the district.

Arts Integration Toolkit

This suite of tools and resources is designed to help arts teachers, non-arts teachers, and administrators understand and implement effective arts integration practices in their schools. 

Arts Addendum to the CPS Framework for Teaching

The purpose of the Arts Addendum is to illustrate how important and unique aspects of arts teaching practice align with the CPS Framework for Teaching. Arts teachers and school administrators should use this Addendum as a reference when reflecting on practice and during REACH observations and conferences.

The Chicago Guide for Teaching and Learning in the Arts

The Chicago Guide for Teaching and Learning in the Arts provides a scope and sequence in the visual and performing arts, and serves as a road map to connect curriculum, instruction and assessment in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.

Arts Instruction Specialists (AISs)

Each school year, we assemble a cohort of outstanding CPS arts teachers with expert-level disciplinary knowledge and instructional skill who collaborate with our team on the development and delivery of professional learning and instructional resources. AISs also serve as invaluable sources of support and information for arts teachers across the district.

REACH Performance Tasks

REACH Performance Tasks are administered by teachers (at CPS district-managed schools only) at the beginning of year and end of year to measure student growth within a course. REACH tasks also impact district-managed CPS teacher evaluations.