Address: 5900 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60660
Contact: Jesse Wyss |
Program(s) offered: Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts
School Type: Magnet

Nicholas Senn High School (“Senn Arts”) offers magnet programs with a sequence of coursework in music, dance, theatre and visual arts that promote depth and technique development in the arts.

SY2021-22 Informational Sessions: TBD

To Apply: Please visit GoCPS to apply to Senn High School.

Additional Information: Please see the Admissions page of the Senn Arts website for more details on audition requirements for each program, including how to submit materials. Please note: all audition materials must be submitted digitally.


Senn Arts Dance offers a comprehensive variety of performance and theory-based courses including four years of performance-based technical skills courses, an examination of choreography, dance history, and production design, and a rigorous physical practice emphasizing proper conditioning, technique, and nutrition. The Senn Arts Dance program seeks to transform young dancers into powerful and expressive artists with the skills and versatility to perform in a variety of dance genres. Additionally, our partnerships with members of the Chicago dance community allow students the opportunity to work firsthand with dance professionals to gain practical insight into the inside workings of the dance world.


The Senn Arts Music program is the premiere program for the study of contemporary music in the city of Chicago. The goal of Senn Arts Music is to help students become creative problem solvers, and positive agents of change through the power of music. This goal is met by encouraging our student musicians to appreciate the beauty of music, its ability to enrich our lives, and its power to facilitate intercultural understanding. Students enrolled in Senn Arts Music are able to explore music from many perspectives including but not limited to performance, production, engineering, business, and composition.


Senn Arts Theatre is an ensemble based theatre program that activates observation, critical thinking, and problem solving to develop students’ artistic voice. With the support of their teachers, ensemble, and the Chicago Theatre community, young artists use their voice to react to and create works of theatre from diverse global perspectives. Every Senn Arts Theatre student participates in performance classes and departmental productions and also has the opportunity to explore and pursue all disciplines and aspects of theatre arts. Our robust partnerships with members of the Chicago theatre community allow students the opportunity to work firsthand with theatre professionals to gain practical insight into the inside workings of the theatre world.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Senn Arts is an intensive visual art program that addresses concepts in visual art as well as informed and critical decision-making.  The courses in this program provide students with an opportunity to explore and experiment with combinations of various media and processes. Students will master their abilities using the elements and principles of visual art to create successful artwork as well as further investigate concepts of imagination, observation, and expression.