The CPS Department of Arts Education is pleased to share additional information about the Arts Device Use Agreement. This agreement is similar to the district’s Tech Agreement and supports schools in tracking arts-specific device and musical instrument distribution.

Below are instructions on how to use the new Arts Device Use Agreement and how to create an inventory for your musical instruments and/or arts devices:

Arts Device Use Agreement Instructions
  • Teachers, administrators, or other school staff: Complete a copy of this Arts Device Use Agreement form for each arts device and/or instrument you are distributing to students. 
  • Note: If an item does not have a CPS asset tag, enter the item’s serial number in the asset tag field. 
  • Obtain a parent/guardian signature and a student signature for each agreement form.
  • Once all signatures are obtained, input student and device/instrument information into an inventory sheet (see below).
Arts Device/Musical Instrument Inventory Instructions

If you have instruments or devices that are worth over $500, you can create an inventory to be added to your school’s TIPWeb inventory system. 

  • Make a copy of this Inventory Sheet by clicking on the link and selecting “Make a copy.” 
  • Change the title of the sheet to include your school name, course name, and teacher name, each separated by underscores (e.g., Smith HS_Course Name_Tasha Williams).
  • In the Inventory Sheet, include the following for each instrument or arts device:
    • Student Name (name of the student who will be using the instrument or device)
    • Student ID Number
    • School Name
    • Course Name
    • Teacher Name
    • School Oracle ID Number
    • Device/instrument Asset Tag Number (if the item does not have an asset tag number, please enter the item’s serial number in this field)
    • Model (device or instrument model; e.g.,”Yamaha Tenor Saxophone”)
    • Device/instrument Serial Number
  • Email the completed Inventory Sheet to with “Musical Instruments” in the subject line. The CPS TIPWeb team will input the data into their system to log and manage distribution.