This inaugural CPS Teacher Appreciation Arts Exhibition was created by the Department of Arts Education’s Arts Student Voice Committee (ASVC) to celebrate teachers and teaching artists across the district. While many teachers focus all of their time passionately encouraging students to create art, we know that they are also creators in their own right and deserve a space to showcase their work. 

This Spring, 84 CPS teachers and teaching artists working in all artistic disciplines—dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts—submitted artworks that were student-reviewed for placement in the main exhibition or honorable mention. The ASVC and the Department of Arts team extend our deepest thanks to the teachers who submitted work—we are proud and excited to share your creativity and talent with the CPS community!

View the Opening Reception

This virtual opening reception, held on May 5, 2021, is hosted by members of the ASVC and the Department of Arts Education team. It features teacher exhibitors speaking about their featured artworks and reflecting on the importance of a dedicated exhibition for CPS arts educators.

Browse the Exhibition

To browse the inaugural Teacher Appreciation Arts Exhibition, click the button below. This website also contains virtual student exhibitions including Senior Portfolio, Advanced Arts, and the All-City Visual Arts (ACVA) Elementary and High School Exhibitions.

Slider image: Learning Beyond the Mask, Krystal Grover-Webb, Visual Arts teacher, Amelia Earhart Elementary School