The Advanced Arts Program (AAP) is now accepting applications from rising high school juniors and seniors for the upcoming school year (2021-2022).

The Advanced Arts Program plans to offer the following courses for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Animation & Sequential Arts
  • Creative Arts & Ceramics
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dance
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Film & Video Production
  • Jazz Combo
  • Modern Band
  • Music Theory
  • Photography
  • Theatre
  • Vocal Music

All AAP courses qualify for Honors, Dual, or AP credit and are team-taught by CPS arts educators and professional teaching artists from across Chicago.

Please note: Final courses will be determined based on student interest and instructor availability.


Application period opens: March 2, 2021

Please note: Certain classes will immediately accept applicants who meet criteria, while others require a video and/or online interview for admission. Select students who meet application criteria will be asked to submit an application video further highlighting their work or engage in an interview if the class requires it.

Application period closes: September 30th, 2021

How to Apply

Students who wish to apply for the SY21-22 Advanced Arts Program should visit the Advanced Arts website for further details and a link to the application portal (click below):

About the Advanced Arts Program (AAP)

AAP is a high school arts program that provides high school juniors and seniors from any type of CPS school (district-managed, charter, contract, or options) with year-long advanced arts courses.

Every AAP course is co-taught by a CPS arts educator and a professional teaching artist. All AAP courses qualify for Honors, Dual, or AP credit. Students visit and collaborate with working arts professionals across and beyond Chicago during a typical school year.   

All course materials and equipment are provided free of charge. Classes meet five days a week in the late afternoon for the entire school year. When classes meet in person, students receive free daily round-trip public transportation passes to the AAP venue.

The CPS Department of Arts Education has offered AAP for 20 years to support our immensely talented students and to provide them with advanced artistic experiences and pathways. We are pleased to announce an evolution in how we recruit for and admit students to this program. In SY21-22 and beyond, the Advanced Arts Program will prioritize admitting students who: 

  • do not have access to an Advanced or Early College art course at their home school.
  • are unable to fit a desired art course offered at their home school into their schedule.

This intentional focus places equitable access to arts education more firmly at the center of the Advanced Arts Program.  

Additional Advanced Arts Program Resources

Teachers, administrators, and students: Please feel free to share these resources with students and families who are interested in the AAP program!

AAP Flyer: A printable and shareable flyer with details about the SY21-22 AAP program.

Student AAP Invitation: An official invitation to apply for the SY21-22 AAP program from AAP administrators and staff.

AAP Promotional Video: A brief video about AAP featuring students in the program.

If you have questions about the Advanced Arts Program, please contact or visit the Advanced Arts website.