artlookEducator is a communication and collaboration platform designed for Chicago Public Schools arts teachers.

  • Want to trade arts-related ideas, questions, and helpful advice with other arts teachers in your discipline and grade band? 
  • Want to receive the latest information about student and teacher opportunities, arts events, job openings, free and cheap arts materials and equipment, and more?
  • Want to stay connected to other arts teachers across the district?

Join artlook®️Educator! Once you login, you will be able to create your own posts and view/reply to other members’ posts.

Getting Started 

Navigate to artlook®️ and select ‘Schools Login’ at the top right.

Logging in for the first time 

Teachers with a email

You will sign into artlook®Educator the same way you sign into any of your CPS accounts. Your CPS sign-in credentials are preloaded into the system so there is no need to create a new user name or password to access your artlook®Educator account. Just click on the “Sign in with CPS” button and enter your CPS email and CPS password.  

Teachers who do not have a email

Your email is preloaded into the artlook®Educator system, but you will need to create a new password specifically for artlook®Educator. Click the “Sign in with Email” button to begin your login process including creating a new password.

Using artlook®️Educator

  1. The artlook® Suite: Arts Liaisons can toggle between the artlook®Map and the artlook®Educator sites.  If you are not an Arts Liaison, you will only see the artlook®Educator icon. 
  1. Navigation Pane: This will always be visible as you move through the site.  If you want to visit different parts of the artlook®Educator site or return to the home page, just click here. 
  • Home  From any other page on the site, you can return to this start page 
  • Forum  Start or join discussions with other artlook®Educator users here
  • Directory  Find arts teachers based on their Name, School, Neighborhood, or Discipline
  • Communities of Practice  The online home for CoP members featuring announcements, 
  • resources, and community discussions
  • Profile Your profile which includes the information that is searchable by other artlook®Educator users in the Directory
  • How to Videos A link to the artlook®Educator YouTube channel with narrated video walkthroughs of the artlook®Educator site features
  • FAQs  Questions and answers on maximizing your time on artlook®Educator
  1. Landing Page: You can reach the three main pages for artlook®Educator – the Forum, the Directory, and Communities of Practice, with just a click

       4 Current User: Your Name will appear here as you navigate the site

The Forum

Peer-to-peer connections drive high satisfaction with in-person professional learning. In artlook®Educator, you can form peer-to-peer connections across the district, any time in The Forum!

To start a new discussion 

To start a new discussion thread on artlook®Educator, click on the Start New Discussion button at the top right of the page to bring up the Start New Discussion dialogue box.