CPS Department of Arts Education

Julia deBettencourt
Executive Director of Arts Education
Drives the mission and vision of the Department of Arts Education, directs the strategic implementation of the CPS Arts Education Plan and associated initiatives in service of increasing the quality and equity of CPS arts education programming.

Shelby Clemons
Program Focus Incubation Manager
Oversees comprehensive supports for incubating Fine & Performing Arts and STEM/STEAM schools.

Lilian Blaser
Manager of Professional Learning
Leads planning, design and delivery, and evaluation of all arts professional learning for teachers, Arts Liaisons, administrators, and other stakeholders in the arts community.

Krista Wortendyke
Manager of Student Programs
Coordinates districtwide student programs, including All-City Performing and Visual Arts, Advanced Arts, and Music and Theatre Festivals.

Jeff Waraksa
Manager of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Oversees development and evaluation of curricular materials and tools that drive achievement for all students in the visual and performing arts.

Amanda Suckow
Arts Professional Learning Specialist
Plans, designs and delivers, and evaluates standards-based arts professional learning opportunities for teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders in the arts community.

Jonya Leverett
Arts Data & Evaluation Strategist
Designs and disseminates qualitative and quantitative analysis tools; captures and analyzes data related to arts teaching and learning in the district.

Jessica Rodrigue
Arts Education Operations Specialist
Coordinates and executes a range of daily operations for the Department of Arts Education, including school grant management, procurement processes, district artwork inventory, and other tasks.

Christine Rudy-Reed
Fine & Performing Arts School Specialist
Guides effective school implementation of Fine and Performing Arts curriculum, instruction, assessment and intervention, with a specific focus on the district’s Fine and Performing Arts magnet cluster schools.

Sal Moreno
Arts & Technology Coordinator
Manages technology needs for the Department, student programs, and arts teachers.

Kendall Hill
Student Programs Coordinator
Provides administrative and logistical support for DAE student programs, including All-City Performing Arts, All-City Visual Arts Exhibitions, Music and Theatre Festivals, SuperFest, & RE:ALIZE.

The Department of Arts Education office is located at:
Chicago Public Schools
42 W. Madison St, 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60602

Main email: cpsarts@cps.edu
Main phone: (773) 553-2170

Facebook: facebook.com/Arts_CPS
Twitter: @CPS_Arts
Instagram: @CPS_Arts

Advanced Arts Program email: advancedarts@cps.edu
Advanced Arts Program phone: (312) 578-9485

AAP Facebook: facebook.com/AdvancedArtsG37
AAP Twitter: @AdvancedArtsCPS
AAP Instagram: @AdvancedArtsCPS