Our Mission

The CPS Department of Arts Education works to ensure that every Chicago Public Schools student receives a high-quality arts education by creating conditions at the classroom, school, district, and state level that allow the arts to grow and flourish.

Our Guiding Principles and Beliefs

Our work is guided by the Chicago Public Schools Arts Education Plan, designed to bring quality arts education to every child, in every grade, in every school.  

We believe that the arts are integral to every student’s education and that every CPS student deserves a high-quality, effectively-sequenced, and multidisciplinary arts education, whether they plan to pursue a career in the arts or simply enjoy a lifetime of art appreciation.

We also believe that every CPS teacher, administrator, and arts partner deserves relevant, rigorous, and accessible arts professional learning and instructional resources that engage them in continuous learning and empower them to drive their own professional growth.

Our Team

The Department of Arts Education staff works to support all CPS teachers, administrators, and students who engage in arts teaching and learning.

Contact Us

Our offices are located at:
Chicago Public Schools
42 W. Madison St, 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60602

Email: cpsarts@cps.edu
Phone: (773) 553-2170

Facebook: facebook.com/Arts_CPS
Twitter: @CPS_Arts
Instagram: @CPS_Arts