A chance to learn with and from peers in your arts discipline and grade band

We know that as a CPS arts teacher, it may sometimes feel like you’re practicing on an “island,” with infrequent chances to learn with and from peers in your discipline and grade band. To offer the kind of deep collaborative learning that will have lasting impact on your professional practice, we’ve created district-wide Communities of Practice (CoPs) of elementary and high school arts teachers in Dance, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts and Theatre.

Facilitated by our Arts Instruction Specialists, CoPs convene between Arts Intensives (virtually or face-to-face) and during full-day Arts Intensives to set goals around the challenges they’re working on, share ideas and resources, and offer each other constructive feedback. CoP members will also have a chance to share the results of their work with others at Intensives, the Arts Education Conference in April 2020, and possibly even nationwide!

If you are interested in joining a Community of Practice for SY2019-20, please email cpsarts@cps.edu. Groups have already been established, but there may be an opportunity to join certain groups midyear.

2019-20 Communities of Practice

Elisa Foshay (Jones College Prep HS), Gina Spears (Portage Park ES), MK Victorson (Hibbard ES)
Area of focus: How do we scaffold dance student engagement from basic participation to dynamic motivation?

Frank Cademartori (CICS-Irving Park), Jenai Jenkins (Pritzker ES), Leah Stephens (Sor Juana ES)
Area of focus: How do we excite music students about reaching their fullest creative potential?

9–12 MUSIC
Kelley Gossler (Lincoln Park HS), Leo Park (Northside College Prep HS)
Area of focus: What types of classroom experiences can we design that prioritize the development of our students’ uniquely creative musical proclivities?

Alison Connelly (Hamline ES), Jeremy Guidry (Ravenswood ES), Layne Drinkwater (Juarez HS), Krista Motley (King College Prep HS)
Area of focus: How do we scaffold bravery?

Kitty Conde (Ravenswood ES)
Area of focus: How can we design manageable arts assessments to promote autonomous learning?

Annamaria Castellucci Cabral (Ogden International HS), Brian Mead (Chicago Academy HS)
Area of focus: What techniques can we use to help students take more ownership over the creative cycle?

Download our 2019-20 Arts Communities of Practice informational flyer.