In support of the continued collaborative work between teachers and arts education partners, we once again partnered with Ingenuity to present the 2019 Arts Education Conference: Cultivating Conditions for Growth. Attended by nearly 500 teachers and arts partners, the Conference provided an opportunity to Chicago’s arts education sector to grow in new understanding, gain and share skills, and develop the vital relationships that allow our individual and shared work to flourish and thrive.

2019 Keynote Speaker: Carlton Turner

We were thrilled to welcome performing artist, arts advocate, organizer, policy shaper, lecturer, and facilitator Carlton Turner as our keynote speaker. He is the executive director of Alternate ROOTS, an arts service organization supporting artists working at the intersection of art and social justice.

Turner also founded the Mississippi Center for Cultural Production, an organization working at the intersection of new media production and agriculture to support cultural, social, and economic development in his rural hometown of Utica, Mississippi. In addition, he and his brother Maurice are co-founders and co-artistic directors of M.U.G.A.B.E.E. (Men Under Guidance Acting Before Early Extinction), a Mississippi-based performance group blending jazz, hip-hop, spoken word poetry, and soul music with non-traditional storytelling.