This year on February 3, the all district PD day, several Chicago arts organizations have decided to offer no cost PD for Arts Teachers.

The hosting arts organizations are completely responsible for the content materials and organization of each of these events. CPS department of arts ed has agreed to host registration on learning hub to make it easier for you to collect your ISBE clock hours. We are extremely grateful to these arts organizations that will be providing creative and collaborative learning opportunities.

Any questions should be directed to the providers. Sites have limited capacity.

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Charter Schools ONLY:
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Adventure Stage Chicago

Power, Privilege, and Performance: Image Work as a Tool for Critical Literacy Across the Curriculum

Critical literacy involves the analysis and critique of various types of texts—written, auditory, and visual—through a critical lens, examining the values and beliefs that lie beneath the surface and making connections to the world around us. In this arts integration workshop, teachers will practice fostering critical literacy discussions in their classrooms through the use of image work. Drawing on Boal’s Image Theatre and other theatrical traditions, image work refers to a set of teaching strategies that invite students to create still images with their bodies as a way of representing and analyzing events, concepts, and ideas. We will also explore best practices for asking impactful questions in the classroom. Teachers will leave the workshop armed with specific, practical drama-based teaching strategies designed to be applied both in the drama classroom and across the curriculum. Questions can be directed to

1012 N Noble St     12:30 to 3:30

Course Code: 35692     Class Code: 69161


Amplify (SMART Museum)

Nurturing Experimental Spaces for Learning and Making

Explore approaches for making space, both inside and out of the classroom, that encourage creative exploration and support new and risk-taking practice. Drawing on artworks from Logan Center Exhibitions and the Smart Museum’s collection, we will examine collaborative art making projects–from sculptural installation to printmaking to design-based work and more–that nurture our ability to address critical issues through our creative practice. Questions can be directed to

Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E. 60th St.     9:00 to 12:00

Course Code: 35761     Class Code: 69455


Chicago Children’s Theater

Art & Inclusion in the Classroom

History and Structure: Teaching artist will lead the teachers through the principles and possibilities of contastoria work as it relates to oral history, graphic arts, story, and mechanics.

Multi-sensory Engagement & Inclusivity: Jacqui Russell and Chauncey will co-teach some of the principles and practices used in Red Kite’s Drama Time, Adventures, and Residencies.

Music: Teaching artist Patrick Martin (or another) will lead the teachers through the principles and possibilities of exploring music in the classroom, i.e. dance parties, meeting instruments, creating a handmade orchestra, etc.

Drama: A teaching artist from The Dilettantes will lead the teachers through the principles and possibilities of drama in the classroom as it relates to science, expression, comprehension, listening, etc.

Questions can be directed to

The Station, 100 S Racine     12:30 to 3:30

Course Code: 35762      Class Code: 69458


Cool Classics

A Cool Way to Integrate the Literary Arts with Music, Dance and Theater!

Explore ways to connect great children’s literature to classical music and jazz by simulating exciting multimedia arts experiences. Using a mix of demonstration, discussion and workshop, we will share the Cool Classics! method of connecting music – and the dance and theater that it inspires – with great literature. Part of the session will focus on the great Jazz Trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, using a brilliant book that covers his life and addresses bullying, and the other part will show how we connect Carmen to the classic 1936 masterpiece The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf with illustrations by Robert Lawson. This program, designed for elementary school students, will employ Cool Classics! book-based, art-integrated curricular techniques, which have improved literacy and critical thinking skills in a number of CPS elementary schools. Questions can be directed to

Chicago Public Library, Uptown Branch, 929 W Buena Ave.     12:30 to 3:30

Course Code: 35765     Class Code: 69465


Design Dance

Dance + Community: Using Partner Dancing and Improvisation Techniques to Build Supportive Classrooms

Design Dance Teaching Artist, Katie DeSalvo, will lead participants through an exploration of the inclusive pedagogy within improvisational techniques and partner dancing exercises. Participants will learn valuable dance and movement based tools they can implement in their classrooms to encourage students to become allies for one another and create a classroom culture of tolerance, anti-bullying and respect. Questions can be directed to

Dyett High School for the Arts, 555 E 51st Street     8:30 to 12:30     

Course Code: 35766     Class Code: 69466


Hubbard Street Dance

Improvisation and Student Voice

What is the role of improvisation in the dance classroom across grade levels? How can improvisation create space for student voice? How can we spiral the use of improvisation throughout the curriculum to create fluid dancers and choreographers? Join Hubbard Street education staff and artists as we investigate these questions together, using the activities and techniques from the choreographers we collaborate with daily, from Crystal Pite to The Second City.  Questions can be directed to

1147 W Jackson Blvd     8:30 to 11:30

Course Code: 35767     Class Code: 69467

Sharing Our Work

How do we share the important lessons dance provides students to parents, principals, and colleagues? What collaborations can we nurture in our schools? What data is useful and how can we capture it without drowning in paper or spending all our time crunching numbers? Bring your tools, questions, success stories, hopes, and dreams as we work together on this issue that cuts across all schools. We are all dance researchers, let’s discuss how dance educators are moving the field forward. Questions can be directed to

1147 W Jackson Blvd     12:30 to 3:30

Course Code: 35769     Class Code: 69470


Hyde Park Arts Center

Collaboration Exploration: Workshop and Pop-Up Exhibition

CPS teachers will be explore the concepts of collaboration and integration at Hyde Park Art Center. This workshop will be led by HPAC Director of Education Mike Nourse and Deputy Director Hilesh Patel. The day will explore the concepts with hands-on making, as well as learning from exhibiting HPAC artist Jesse Motte (and collaborator Steve Reinke), who will present their show “A Wish To Repair” to the group. While the morning session will ask artists to learn about the concepts through short readings and discussions, the afternoon will see teachers create works that will be installed at the Art Center, as part of a pop-up exhibition inside of HPAC’s Guida Family Wing that will remain installed for a week. The workshop will end with a gallery walk and critical discussion, assessing decisions made and works installed, and leaving with a better sense of how teachers can incorporate collaborative processes and integration, to better support their classroom cultures. Lunch will be provided. Questions can be directed to

5020 S Cornell Ave      8:30 to 3:30

Course Code: 35770      Class Code: 69471


Intuit Art Center

Get Intuit Like Darger!

This PD will focus on the famous self-taught Chicago artist Henry Darger. Participants will have time to explore the Darger Room housed at Intuit along with some of Darger’s resource materials. The studio component will be developing traced hybrid mystical characters using some of the same resource materials Darger used in his 15,000 page novel, written and illustrated “In the Realms of the Unreal”. These mystical characters will be placed within a traced environment and then water colored. A short biographical sketch will be produced in conjunction to the illustration. Questions can be directed to

756 N Milwaukee Ave.     12:30 to 3:30

Course Code: 35694     Class Code: 69164




Jenai Jenkins, ATLAS Educator

Exploring Tones, Shades, and Hues

Teachers of Language Arts, Music, Visual Art, & Dance show how they collaborate and present an interdisciplinary strategy focused on content related to the Harlem Renaissance. Lesson for 3-5 Grades but may be modified for any grade level. Questions can be directed to

Dyett HS for the Arts, 555 E 51st Street     8:30 to 11:30

Course Code: 35803     Class Code: 69546

Creating Assessments for Arts Integrated Units

Participants will experience language arts and music integrated lessons and explore various assessments. Additionally, participants will engage in creating assessments based on the CPS Framework for Teaching, Domain 3. Although not mandatory, participants may bring their own arts integrated lesson plan or unit with which to work and create their own assessment tool. Questions can be directed to

Dyett HS for the Arts, 555 E 51st Street     12:30 to 3:30

Course Code: 35802 Class Code: 69545