The Department of Arts Education gratefully accepts donations from individuals and organizations interested in supporting quality arts education for all students across the district!

Donations of Materials, Supplies, and Equipment

PLEASE NOTE: The Department of Arts Education is not coordinating any donations of materials, supplies, and equipment to CPS schools or staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we are unable to ensure the safety of donors or recipients. Thank you for your understanding. We will resume donation coordination at a later date—please check back!

Would you like to donate arts supplies, materials, or equipment to the Department? Email us at to us know what you would like to donate, and we will reach out to CPS arts teachers via our established online forums to find a good match. We will then connect donor and teacher(s) via email so that dropoff / pickup arrangements can be made. Depending on your preference, we can generate a donation letter for tax purposes.

Monetary Donations

If you are interested in making a monetary donation to the Department of Arts Education, you have several options:

1) Donate directly to the Department. If you’d like, you can earmark the funds for a particular student or teacher initiative; for example:

2) Donate directly to a particular school or schools. We can help you identify those that particularly need additional arts funding.

3) Donate to the Children’s First Fund. This nonprofit acts as a flow-through or fiscal agent for foundation and business grants and individual donations to CPS schools and administrative units. They can work with you to find the best way to allocate the funds toward CPS arts initiatives.

Email or call (773) 553-2170 and we will be happy to help determine the best donation option for you!