The Department of Arts Education team is currently curating and creating resources to support our district’s arts educators during the transition from fully-remote to hybrid learning beginning in January 2021. All available resources are currently listed below; please check back for additions!

Unless otherwise noted, the resources listed below are accessible to staff from district-managed CPS schools only and require a CPS login to view / download.

 If you have questions regarding arts teaching and learning during reopening, please email the CPS Department of Arts Education team at or call (773) 553-2170.

Districtwide Reopening Support Documents

Reopening Guide
General guidance and tools to support schools and educators during phased PreK-8 school reopening, including return models, instructional minutes requirements, general and specific academic considerations for reopening (including considerations for arts classes), and health protocols.

Reopening Instructional Guide
Detailed instructional guidance for all school staff transitioning to hybrid learning, including approaches to instructional and curricular planning as well as content and grade-specific examples. A Slide Deck with Voiceover also provides a brief summary of this guide.

Health Protocols: COVID-19 Guidance for Educators
Health protocols and guidelines for staff and students in CPS buildings.

Arts-Specific Reopening Support Documents

Arts Education PreK-8 Reopening Support Deck
A summary of important PreK-8 arts-related reopening guidance and resources, all in one convenient place.

Specials Considerations for PreK-8 Reopening
Specific considerations for safety in PreK-8 Music and Dance classes; includes links to cleaning protocols for musical instruments. (This information is also located in the Arts Education PreK-8 Reopening Support Deck on slides 55–56.)

K–8 Arts Reopening Delivery Model Guidance & Resources
Arts-specific recommendations for activities that are appropriate in K-8 hybrid arts delivery models, plus unique considerations for grade bands.

K–8 Specials Schedule Template
A copyable template for planning arts learning in K-8 hybrid delivery models.

Districtwide Reopening Professional Learning

Foundational Series
Foundational sessions to support elementary and high school administrators and teachers with the instructional transition to reopening. Available synchronously and asynchronously.

Wednesday Workshops
Weekly one-hour workshops offered by the Office of Teaching & Learning to provide CPS educators with tools, tips, and strategies for hybrid and remote learning in an informal, collaborative setting. Includes live facilitation of the Foundational Series sessions, open to all teachers (see above).

Instructional Technology Professional Learning
Weekly sessions including G-Suite training, Google Meet support, Nearpod training, Tech Support Office Hours, support for hybrid iPad use, and more.

Teacher-Led Supports for Reopening

Arts Communities of Practice (CoPs)
[NOTE: CoPs are open to teachers at all CPS schools including charter, contract, and options.]
Monthly or bimonthly one-hour virtual meetings where teachers in each arts discipline and grade band can connect, share, and problem-solve around remote and hybrid learning in the arts. View the SY21 Communities of Practice Calendar for all meeting dates, times, and resources.

Arts Google Groups
Google-hosted chat forums for CPS arts teachers. Email and tell us which group(s) you’d like to join: Elementary Music, Elementary Visual Arts, High School Music, High School Visual Arts K-12 Theatre, or K-12 Dance.