As CPS begins the 2020-21 school year using a full remote-learning model, the Department of Arts Education has released a SY21 Arts Education Remote Learning Guidance Document to support our teachers, administrators, and arts partners. This guidance is part of a larger suite of resources released by the district to ensure that students experience rigorous, quality learning daily and engage in experiences that prioritize their social-emotional well-being, and that students and families have a clear understanding of expectations and how to successfully engage in remote learning.

We hope that the resources included in this document will provide guidance and essential tools and strategies to support schools, educators, and partners in implementing meaningful remote learning in the arts.

Give Us Feedback

The CPS Arts Education team commits to listening to your questions, concerns, and suggestions regarding the Arts Education Remote Learning Guidance. If you have a suggestion or a request about how the document can be improved, we encourage you to utilize our Guidance Feedback Form to communicate with us. Your insights will directly inform regular updates to the document. It will continue to grow stronger and richer because of your expertise.