Attention, students in grades 3–12 at ANY Chicago Public School (neighborhood, charter, options, or contract):

Students (or parents/guardians of students) may now apply to join the following Spring 2019-20 All-City Performing Arts Ensembles:

  • Symphonic Band I, Grades 4–12 – Register until 4/25/20
  • Symphonic Band II, Grades 4–12 – Register until 2/29/20
  • Percussion Ensemble, Grades 4–12 – Register until 3/14/20
  • Jazz Band, Grades 4–12 – Register until 2/29/20
  • Music & Media Production Ensemble, Grades 6–12 – Register until 3/1/20
  • Orchestra, Grades 6–12 – Register until 2/29/20
  • Choir, Grades 3–12 – Register until 3/14/20
  • Elementary Modern Rock Band, Grades 5–8 – Register until 3/1/20
  • High School Modern Rock Band, Grades 9–12 – Register until 3/1/20
  • Mariachi, Grades 5–12 – Register until 3/1/20
  • Dance, Grades 6–12 – Register until 2/23/20
  • Theatre, Grades 6–12 – Register until 2/22/20

IMPORTANT: Please complete all sections of the application carefully, and please make sure that you read the placement materials and experience guidelines for each ensemble.

Questions? Concerns? Email or call (773) 553-2110.

What is All-City Performing Arts?

The All-City Performing Arts Program brings students together to perform and create within music, dance, and theatre ensembles every Saturday throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Students at beginning to advanced levels in their art forms are eligible for Winter Ensembles in music, theatre and dance. Beginning on September 28, 2019, students who are accepted rehearse each Saturday during the fall semester at Jones College Prep High School in the Loop, receiving exceptional instruction from highly-qualified CPS teachers. They go on to perform at a Regional Showcase on December 14, 2019 at Jones College Prep.

Students from Winter Ensembles may be eligible for nomination to the Spring Ensembles. (Students who were not part of the Winter Ensembles can also apply and audition to join Spring Ensembles.) These students rehearse on Saturdays throughout the Spring semester at Jones College Prep High School. They go on to perform at a Spring Showcase at the Harris Theater for Music & Dance in May 2020. Students who participate are eligible for scholarships to Columbia College.

Students will be given free breakfast and lunch during rehearsals.