Every school year, the CPS Department of Arts Education offers a number of engaging professional learning events in a variety of formats, tailored to the needs of our arts educators, administrators, and partners. Administrators are encouraged to send their arts teachers to these learning events and are also welcome to attend.

Archived Administrator Professional Learning

2019 Leadership Institute

At the 2019 Leadership Institute, the Department of Arts Education presented several sessions on quality arts education and arts integration—download the resources here:

Come Together: Creating School-Wide Conditions for Quality Arts Integration
In this session, administrators learned the Department’s definition of arts integration, reflected on their own school’s readiness to implement successful arts integration, and engaged in arts integration starter strategies promoting communication, collaboration, and innovation.

Wave Goodbye to the Hand Turkey: Student-Centered Teaching and Learning in the Arts
In this session, administrators explored the key components of the updated Illinois Arts Learning Standards and how they impact and shift arts education in schools, and engaged in and analyzed hands-on artmaking to internalize best practices in standards-based arts teaching and learning.

2018 Leadership Institute

At the 2018 Leadership Institute, the Department of Arts Education presented a session on the updated Illinois Arts Learning Standards where administrators became familiar with the updated Illinois Arts Learning Standards, explored how the standards necessitate key shifts in arts teaching and learning, and learned techniques for supporting teachers as they align their curriculum, instruction, and assessment to the standards. Download the archived 2018 Leadership Institute resources.

The Creative Compass Program

Our 2016-17 Creative Compass Program helped CPS assistant principals expand their leadership skills and arts experience while learning strategies for moving their schools up the Creative Schools Certification ladder. Download the archived 2016-17 Creative Compass Guide.