Ever wondered who does what at the Department of Arts Education?

Evan Plummer
Director of Arts Education
eeplummer [at] cps [dot] edu
773-553-3939 telephone
Directs policy and implementation of the CPS Arts Education Plan to increase the reach of arts education for all students and all learners; motivates team members, and drive the mission and vision of the CPS Department of Arts Education

Annie Rezac
Manager of Arts Professional Learning
asrezac [at] cps [dot] edu
773-553-6126 telephone
Designs and implements all professional development activities for arts teachers, Arts Liaisons, and administrators in arts leadership

Heather Lindahl
Program Coordinator, Arts Teachers Leading Achievement and Success (ATLAS Program)
hmlindahl [at] cps [dot] edu
773-553-3896 telephone
Coordinates aspects of a professional learning program for lead arts teachers at the district’s Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster Program that focuses on arts integration and the use of digital media to document students’ learning

Jeff Waraksa
Arts Education Specialist
jtwaraksa [at] cps [dot] edu
773-553-6132 telephone

Develops arts curricular materials and tools, including assessment practices, that drive achievement for all students and all learners in the visual and performing arts