ATLAS is a three-year professional learning program for lead arts teachers at Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster Schools. 

This program, funded by the US Department of Education, is a partnership between CPS Department of Arts Education and CAPE (the Chicago Arts Partnership in Education). ATLAS teachers convene monthly to collaboratively explore approaches to technology that support artistic inquiry of “big ideas.” Back in the classroom, ATLAS teachers facilitate student projects that integrate the arts with literacy and math in technology-rich learning environments.

Through this process, teachers design units of study in collaboration with math and literacy teachers, supporting original student research that is both trans-disciplinary and artistically generative. These units will culminate in an online showcase of student work along with teacher unit plans and other action research artifacts. Magnet Cluster Lead Teachers will disseminate their unit plans and research findings to other arts teachers, and to academic content area teachers online and in live presentations in the education community.

If you are an MCLT at a Fine & Performing Arts Magnet Cluster program school and would like to learn more about ATLAS, contact the CPS Department of Arts Education ATLAS Program Coordinator, Peter Stover, at