ARTview Poetry is a professional learning program designed to impact the teaching practice of CPS English and arts educators. Participating teachers implement more rigorous, standards-based instruction through innovative, curriculum integrated, and critical thinking processes with poetry and other works of art.










To integrate arts and literacy skills through ambitious instruction and teacher reflection,  the ArtView Poetry Project positions English teachers in a professional learning community to authentically integrate poetry into their teaching. In the 2017-18 school year, arts teachers will be invited to use poetry as a model for the creative process. Together, the teachers will engage instructional strategies that are rooted in the CPS Framework for Teaching and that meet the rigorous CCSS E/LA and Illinois Arts Learning Standards (adopted by Illinois in 2016).


  • Invited High School English Teachers from SY17 cohort (20-25 teachers)
  • Arts teacher (music, visual art, dance, or theatre) from same school, identified by principal and English teacher as a collaborative partner

Teacher Participant Expectations:

  • Documentation of student artifacts will be uploaded by teachers from September – April
  • Integrated Unit overview will be created on December 7, 2017
  • Integrated Unit elements will be piloted with students before February 20, 2018 meeting
  • Complete draft of Integrated Unit will be submitted by March 19, 2018
  • Integrated Unit will be implemented before April 26, 2018 event

Principal Expectations:

  • English and Arts Teachers will be released from building for each full-day PD session
    • Substitute teachers will be reserved by school, but will be paid for by CPS Department of Literacy. Please send scanned copy of Sub sign-in to
  • English and Arts Teachers will be allowed at least THREE full class periods each during SY17-18, to observe each other’s instruction, in order to effectively create and co-teach integrated units of study
  • English and Arts Teachers will be allowed at least THREE common planning preparation periods during SY17-18 to create and reflect on the integrated units of study


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