ARTview is designed to impact the teaching practice of CPS arts educators and to increase quality student-produced work through innovative standards-based instruction with works of art.

In ARTview, an arts discipline-specific cohort will create and implement unit plans tailored to students’ needs, and will engage best practices in high quality questioning and discussion techniques (as referenced in CPS Framework for Teaching 3b.). ARTview will provide sequential professional developments, along with classroom observations and coaching, to increase the quality of students’ arts-making.


ARTview Visual is a cohort for 5th-8th grade visual arts teachers that will utilize the CPS Interdisciplinary African and African American, and Latino and Latin America Curricula as anchors to connect students’ lives to specific works of American art by asking the following essential questions:

  1. How do culture and identity influence who we are?
  2. How do time, culture, and history influence works of art and/or the advancement of science and technology?
  3. What can I do to positively impact my community?

Teachers in ARTview Visual will:

  • Learn evidence-based instructional strategies to engage students in close reading works of art, using visual art as text, and facilitating student-driven art-making;
  • Understand the new Illinois Arts Learning Standards and the shifts in teaching practice needed to implement them;
  • Create and implement unit plans tailored to their students’ unique needs; and
  • Receive resources to support teaching; including access to Chicago art museums, reproductions of works of art for classroom use, and free field trips for students.


ARTview Visual 2016-17 Calendar

August 29 or 30, 2016 ARTview Kick-off Session February 3, 2017 Discipline Specific PD Day with ARTview Breakout Sessions
October 6, 2016 ARTview Fall Intensive April 7, 2017 ARTview Spring Intensive
November 4, 2016 Art Education Conference with ARTview Breakout Sessions November/December Fall Classroom

Observations and Coachings

January 11, 2017 ARTview Winter Intensive April/May Spring Classroom Observations and Coachings


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For more information on ARTview: Please contact Department of Arts at 773.553.2170