Do you like to make up songs?  If you want to learn how to create music that reflects your own unique interests in collaboration with other teens…

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ALT-City New Music ensembles–in 5th year of program–now part of Fall Regionals!

ALT-City is All-City Performing Art’s first contemporary music program since the introduction of the All-City Jazz Band in 1970. ALT-City is inclusive of students who are self-taught artists, as well as not-yet-defined genres in music. ALT-City is led by seasoned, professional musicians and CPS teachers. This provides an atmosphere of learning through experimentation and refining through practice.

What do ALT-City Students Do?

ALT-City ensembles create and perform original works that reflect the musical interests of the students that make up each ensemble. Students are placed in ensembles based upon their auditions, which may include demonstrations of knowledge and expertise in areas as diverse as rock, hip-hop, beat-boxing, a Capella vocals, R&B, Latin, funk, DJ’ing, and other contemporary experimental music forms. Students, guided by performing artists, rehearse and produce original compositions that they will then perform on stage at the Harris Theatre in Millennium Park May 21st 2017!







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