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CPS All-City Visual & Performing Arts Programs 2015-2016

Thank you for your interest in participating in CPS All-City Visual & Performing Arts Programs for the 2015-2016 school year.



CPS All-City Programs are Chicago Public Schools’ longest-standing tradition of supporting and recognizing student achievement in the fine and performing arts. The programs consist of exhibitions, concerts, receptions, performances and festivals that showcase student-produced work in the following art forms: visual art, media art, instrumental music, choral music, theatre and dramatic work, and dance. CPS All-City Programs are designed to provide greater equity and access to arts programs for every student in CPS, along with celebrating the amazing creativity, talent, and arts learning of CPS students.

About the CPS All-City Visual Art Program

CPS All-City Visual Art Programs provides a unique opportunity to showcase achievement in visual art-making. Students at all CPS schools and environments (including charter, contract, alternative, therapeutic day schools and recovery/GED programs) are eligible to apply. The All-City Visual Art Program consists of a series of exhibitions of student artwork in a variety of media. Recognition at the highest level of achievement is offered at the Senior Portfolio Scholarship exhibition, at which participants were awarded over $3 million dollars in post-secondary awards and scholarships through higher education institutions.

The exhibitions programmed for this school year are:

  • ALL-CITY VISUAL HIGH SCHOOL–city-wide exhibition at a single venue to feature work in traditional media by students in grades 9-12 and/or in recovery or alternative settings (Opens January 19, 2016)
  • ALL-CITY SENIOR PORTFOLIO–competitive/juried exhibition for graduating seniors with work in traditional media (Opens November 9, 2015)

The traditional media considered for the exhibitions are: CERAMICS, DESIGNED OBJECT, DRAWING, GRAPHIC DESIGN/VISUAL COMMUNICATION, MIXED MEDIA, PAINTING, PERFORMANCE/PERFORMATIVE ACTS, PHOTOGRAPHY, PRINTMAKING, SCULPTURE, TEXTILE/FIBER, and VIDEO. For full details on submissions, files sizes, formats, etc., please refer to the All-City Visual Handbook.

Any questions, please contact us at

ABOUT THE APPLICATION for the CPS All-City Visual Art Program 2015-2016

CPS uses an online application and submission process to facilitate the process of applying and submitting artwork and performance samples for participation in the CPS All-City Visual Art Program.

Please use the following online application to seek participation in, and to submit artwork for CPS All-City Visual Art Programs. This application is to be completed by the arts teacher(s) at a CPS elementary, high school or alternative/recovery setting in which the student applicant attends.

The teacher must submit one application per CPS student per All-City Visual Art Program listed above, including full information for each student. For information on number of submissions permitted per school and student, please refer to the All-City Visual Handbook.

Upon sending in this online application, the teacher(s) will receive an automated reply in their browser with an application number and further instructions on how to proceed. For each student submission, the teacher will also receive an email from CPS All-City Arts with the subject line CPS All-City Visual Art Submission Confirmation: student name. Please MAINTAIN THESE RECORDS in order to follow the progress of your students’ applications. CPS All-City Visual Art Programs require an uploaded artwork submission, and you will be instructed to upload it here in a straightforward manner. Please do not send any materials through the Mail Run or any other delivery service until requested to do so.